Attention animal lovers. Want to bring your dog to work every day?

Our Culture

At Fable, we're not just passionate about pets, we're also passionate about people! That's why we're committed to creating a humane and high-performing environment where all of our people can do their best work. We're looking for high-achievers who are also empathetic and who, of course, love animals. If that sounds like you, scroll down to check out our open job listings.

Animals have rights

While we don't require everyone at Fable to be a pet owner, animal welfare is central to our mission (and we're honestly a little suspicious of anyone who doesn't love dogs – we're looking at you, Donald Trump). We want everyone to share our commitment to improving the lives of animals, starting with the animals we live with - our pets. 

Companies should make the world better

Too many companies blindly pursue profits at the expense of employees, customers, and the greater good. We don't think you need to sacrifice improving the world in order to build a successful business or career. Everyone on the team is committed to responsible growth, both individually and as a collective.

Everyone should be an owner

Titles be damned – we want to empower everyone at Fable to have an ownership mentality. While we expect team members to work collaboratively and be respectful, we encourage thoughtful risk-taking and offer the rewards that come with being an equity-holder in a fast-growing venture-backed startup. 

The details make all the difference

We believe the pursuit of perfection is its own reward, and we're looking for team members who similarly won't settle for anything less than the best. Of course, uncompromising product design is essential, but we also look for people who appreciate the beauty in a well-designed inventory model, Instagram ad, or project plan.

Inclusiveness is crucial to building a good business

As a female and LGBTQ-founded company, inclusiveness is part of our DNA. We believe it's essential that we build a diverse team and create products that speak to all consumers, not just because it's the right thing to do, but because diverse viewpoints are better at solving problems and ultimately lead to more successful businesses.

Open Positions

Director of Industrial Product Design

The Director of Industrial Product Design will be responsible for leading consumer product conceptualization, design, testing, and development for mass production and ensuring a brand-consistent aesthetic across Fable’s product lines. This position will play a key role in building an early-stage product-driven startup. 

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Manager of Global Supply Chain

The Manager of Global Supply Chain/Operations will be responsible for managing Fable’s production, fulfillment, and general operations functions and will play a critical role in building an early-stage startup. This position will report directly to the COO/Co-CEO and will work cross-functionally throughout the organization.

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Senior Associate, Strategic Initiatives

The Senior Associate, Strategic Initiatives will be responsible for leading high-priority strategic initiatives across the business (spanning all areas of the company including strategy, product, operations, supply chain, marketing, branding, finance, business development, and merchandizing) and will play a critical role in building an early-stage startup. 

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