Our Story

At Fable, you don’t need opposable thumbs to write an epic tale.

Our mission is simple: help pets (and their humans) lead healthier, happier lives through better design.


Elevating the everyday.


No compromises on quality.


Committed to ethical manufacturing.

Meet Our Factories

How we design our products

Step 1: What's best for your dog?

Our first and most important filter when designing products is what's best for the dog. We consult the latest research and experts in pet wellness to determine the best materials, features, and forms for a dog's well-being.

Step 2: Is it more functional?

While dogs are our number one priority, they don't do much shopping – yet. That's why we also tailor our products to humans! We focus on small design elements, like our slider buckle, to make our products easier to use for humans as well.

Step 3: Does it feel special?

We believe in the power of beautiful design to make your day better. So we create products that are cohesive, minimalist, and stylish enough to be human-grade accessories.

Our Values

Committed to animal welfare.

Most products on the market today combat behavioral issues (pulling, barking, biting, etc.) with aversion techniques. But the latest animal research indicates that aversion training is inhumane and does not work. All of our products are designed with our strict no pain philosophy: restrain and modify behavior, without causing pain.