“Quietly distract your dog for the length of an entire Zoom meeting."
"The Game is sure to be Fido’s new favorite."
“This playful dog food dispenser helps to slowly feed a dog's belly and mind.”
“The silicone exterior is super quiet and you can't hear anything.”

Instead of adapting existing ideas, we design our products from the ground up. It’s how we know they’re the best tools for your life and not just the best version of something else.

So if our products dont look like anything you’ve seen before, that’s a very good thing.

Fig. 01—The Puffin™ Game

Launched 2020 • 2 patents 13 prototypes • 411 safety tests


Launched 2020 • 2 patents 23 prototypes • 500+ safety tests

chapter two: safe and hound

Did you know? There are no safety standards for pet products. So, we designed our own protocol.

Safe materials

Nothing hazardous to you or your pet, ever. We choose materials that are durable and food-safe (we know pets like to lick things).

Minimal hazards

That means keeping the design minimal: no unnecessary small pieces that could break off and do major damage.


We put everything we make through a battery of tests to make sure it’s strong enough to keep your pet safe, no matter what.