7 Reasons Why You Need the Fable Crate

Here are 7 reasons why you need the Fable Crate:

Picking a crate for your dog is no small feat. It’s a really important tool in helping your pet adjust to their new home, making them feel comfortable and safe. It gets so much use throughout the day and night, so it has to be the highest quality. It’s also a mainstay in your home that will probably sit in a central spot, so you don’t want it to be an eyesore. Enter: The Fable Dog Crate.

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1. It’s made from premium materials that are meant to last.

Each crate is handcrafted from bentwood, and the door comes in a white-coated metal or clear acrylic for extra visibility. 

2. It’s a piece of furniture both you and your dog can use. For your pets, it’s a calm place to hang. For you, it’s a modern side table that fits any home aesthetic. The dual-purpose it perfect for small spaces, and we recommend trying as your living room end table, or bedroom night stand if your dog likes to stay close.

3. The garage door-style gate can be stored discreetly within the grate. The gate can be left fully open so your pet can come and go as they please. When you want to close the door, simply pull it out and down, and secure with the metal latch on the bottom.

4. The holes around the sides and on the door aren’t just made to look cool (but, they do look pretty cool, right?). They help optimize airflow to keep your pet comfortable. They also limit the amount of light coming in to create the perfect ambiance. That way, your pet feels cozy, but also like they’re still connected to rest of the home. 

5. The crate draws inspiration from nature and your pet’s natural behavior. Dogs actually love to have a quiet and comfortable space of their own, where they can go to relax and unwind. That’s why the design of our crate mimics a den to help reduce anxiety. 

6. It’s really easy to clean. Unlike a metal crate, you don’t need to worry about cleaning in all of the nooks and crannies of those unsightly metal bars. Just wipe down the inner surface with any pet-safe cleaner you keep at home.

7. The gate comes in two different styles: white-coated metal or acrylic. If you're looking for extra visibility into the crate, the acrylic is a perfect pick. The white gate is ideal for a dimmer nighttime vibe, letting in less light than the acrylic style.

Not sure which crate size is right for you and your dog? The crate comes in two different sizes: XS/S for dogs under 25lbs, and the M for dogs under 50lbs. Not every dog is shaped alike, so even if your dog meets the weight requirement, it may be a little too tall, or too or long to fit comfortably. Use the dimensions below to measure the crate's sizing compared to your dog before selecting a size.


– External: 26" deep x 20" wide x 23" high
– Internal: 24.5" deep x 18" wide x 20.5" high
– Crate windows: 2x2 inches (50.8x50.8mm)
– Recommended for dogs weighing 25lbs or less
– Box weighs approximately 50lbs
– Because each product is handmade, dimensions may vary by ~1 inch.
– Perfectly fits XS/S bed


–External: 34" deep x 24" wide x 25" high
– Internal: 32" deep x 22.5" wide x 23.5" high
– Crate windows: 2.5x2.5 inches (65x65mm)
– Recommended for dogs weighing 25-50lbs
– Box weighs approximately 75lbs
– Because each product is handmade, dimensions may vary by ~1 inch.
– Perfectly fits M bed