The Definitive Gift Guide for New Pet Parents

The Definitive Gift Guide for New Pet Parents

There’s nothing quite like those first few days after bringing home a new pet. Whether you’ve got a new puppy or you’ve adopted a rescue at any age, it’s going to be a rollercoaster of emotions.. You’re getting to know each other, you’re creating a lifelong bond, and you’re learning. But let’s be honest with all of the new pet parents out there – it’s as chaotic and stressful as it is exciting and great.

As a team of pet parents, we’ve experienced the highs and lows, and we’re ready to pass on our wisdom. So the Fable team took a vote and here’s our definitive list of the best gifts for all of the new pet parents out there.

The Right Leash for You

The first thing you’ll need when you meet your dog is a leash to bring them home. With so many gorgeous leash styles out there, it’s easy to order one online that looks cute, but it might not last beyond day one. Pick a leash that will also hold up to all of your adventures to come.


We have a few different leash styles, including our Signature Leash and our hands-free Magic Link. All of our leashes are waterproof, have a matte-black patent-pending security clip to avoid opening while in-use, and they’re strength tested to keep you worry free.

A Crate You Won't Want to Hide Away

As a new pet parent, crate training is at the top of your list and we’re here to help. The Signature Crate is more than just a place to keep your pet safe while you’re away. It’s your pet’s own little oasis. The windows provide just the right amount of light and airflow to keep it feeling like a cozy den, and not scary or overwhelming like a wire crate does. And while your pup is napping away in their safe space, you can take advantage of the gorgeous side table you’ll be proud to display.

A Harness with Options

Whether you’re bringing home a young puppy, or a new rescue at any age, walking together will take some getting used to. That’s where the Signature Harness comes in. 


Unlike a traditional harness, the straps can fully detach from the body of the harness, letting you buckle your dog in in whatever fashion they’re comfortable with. Some pets don’t like something pulled overhead, so instead you can treat it as a step-in harness. If your dog doesn’t like their paws touched, you can buckle it along the sides instead. 


With 3 different connection points you’ll be able to find the right way to lead your dog, and with our shock-absorbing tech made for the toughest of pullers, your dog won’t be leading you.



Whether you’re bringing home a new puppy or an older rescue, things are going to get messy. Wipes might not be the most glamorous gift, but they’re the one you might be the most grateful for! 


What makes the all-natural Fable Wipes worth gifting to your pet parent friends? They’re the cleanest in the market, with only six organic ingredients: purified water, organic coconut oil, organic aloe vera, organic green tea extract, natural glycerin, and benzoic acid. Free from fragrances, alcohols, parabens or dyes, they’ll keep all of your pets fresh and clean. 

Toys Made with Your Dog's Psychology in Mind

Dog toys should be made for dogs, to work with their instinct, not against it. Whether you’re looking for a fillable treat that helps with anxiety, or something to help your pet get physical and mental stimulation, we’ve got options for you.