The Magic Link vs The Magic Leash

Magic Link vs. Magic Leash – Which is best for you and your dog?

When choosing a leash, the typical factors pet parents consider are the length, color, and whether it will simply get the job done. Pet parents often only consider how the leash will work for their dog, rather than themselves. Why not choose a leash that keeps both parties in mind?

two men walking a dog

Join the hands-free walk revolution

The Magic Link and Magic Leash were designed with not only safety and function in mind, but also innovation and design. Both the Link and Leash are waterproof, easy to clean, strength tested to withstand up to 350 lbs, and built with custom matte black aluminum hardware with a patent-pending security clip. They’re “magic” for a reason. 

One of the most essential ingredients in the Magic Link and Magic Leash potion is the hands-free capability. 

The hands-free capabilities will have you wondering, “What do I do with my hands?”

You can now hold a coffee, cell phone, shopping bags, poop bags, your partner’s hand, or none of the above and use the newfound freedom to warm your hands in your coat pockets. The options are endless.

Both leashes can be worn three different ways: around your wrist, waist, or chest. Simply slide the upper D-ring (where your Waste Bag Holder might be attached) and tighten it as a bracelet, belt, or crossbody as a bandolier. Wearing the leash as a bracelet allows for peaceful family walks in the park with your dog walking alongside the baby’s stroller. If you and your dog are looking for a more active walk, wearing the leash as either a belt or bandolier works well for activities such as hiking or running with your dog.

Magic Link: More Options for You and Your Dog

Now let's discuss the different ways your dog can wear the Magic Link and Magic Leash. Here are the different ways each can be used, and how to decide which one is best for you and your dog. 

The Magic Link comes in two sizes, the XS/S is 40-70” and recommended for dogs less than 20 lbs, and the M/L is 45-80” and recommended for dogs over 20lbs. The Magic Link can attached to your dog in three different ways: 

1. Fixed Loop:  Adjust the distance between the leash clip and sliding lower D-ring to create a loop around your dog’s neck, then hook the leash clip to the Magic Link’s lower D-ring to create a collar. The lower D-ring is the Link’s secret ingredient that is not included on the Magic Leash. 

Perfect for: getting your puppy used to wearing a collar and walking on leash (just make sure they aren’t tempted to nibble on it) and potty breaks. 

2. Free Loop: Adjust the distance between the clip and lower D-ring so that you can loop the end of the Magic Link like a collar around your dog’s neck, then hook the clip to the leash just above the lower D-ring. The rubber piece on the leash acts as a stopper to prevent the free loop from getting large enough for your dog to slip out. 

Perfect for:  hiking/walking in an off-leash area so you can quickly leash and unleash your dog when needed, getting in and out of the car for quick adventures to the vet, pet store, grandparents house, etc.

3. Hand-Lead: Loop material through the lower D-ring to shorten the Magic Link and/or use it as a hand lead – either looping your wrist through the length that is threaded through the lower D-ring, or by holding the lower D-ring between your index finger and thumb. 

Perfect for: When you need a better grip or to help your dog get used to walking by your side while you’re wearing the leash hands-free. 

4. The Old-Fashioned Way: Attach the leash clip to the D-ring of any collar or harness as you would with a conventional leash. The Link can be used as a standard leash any time, you don’t always have to use the super cool extra functions!

Magic Leash: Hands-free & Shorter Length

The Magic Leash is a more conventional alternative to the Magic Link, as it does not include the lower D-ring and does not allow for the multiple attachment styles. It can only be attached directly to your dog’s collar or harness. It is also a bit shorter – the XS/S is 60” long and is recommended for dogs less than 20 lbs. The M/L is 70” long and recommended for dogs over 20 lbs. 

Perfect for: those who are interested in the hands-free capabilities of the Magic Link, but prefer their dog to wear a conventional collar or harness during their walks. To each their own! 

The Magic Link and Magic Leash, just like all Fable products, were designed to make pet parents' lives easier, and the bond with their pets stronger.