#RealFablePets Spotlight: Claudia & Lola

#RealFablePets Spotlight: Claudia & Lola

There's nothing we love more than seeing real customers and fans of Fable share their love for our products on social media. Our community has brought us so much support, so we wanted to feature some of our biggest fans here!

Every month, we'll choose one #RealFablePets community member to spotlight. To be considered, all you have to do is post on social media using #RealFablePets, and tagging us @fablepets. Did we mention you'll also win a $100 giftcard to shop for more innovative pet gear?

Meet January's Community Spotlight: Claudia & Lola

dog sitting on paddle board with Fable Pets leash

"It was love at first sight!"

Meet Lola (@lolathesata), an adventurous 11-pound small mixed breed that was rescue by Claudia and her boyfriend in Puerto Rico. We talked to Claudia to learn more about Lola's story, and how they love to adventure together.

We love a good story, or Fable if you will. How'd you and your dog meet?

"I reached out to a rescue non-profit on Facebook from Puerto Rico (me and my boyfriend both grew up there) and the woman who rescued Lola from the streets thought she was the perfect match for us. 

We were looking for a small female dog that could travel with us easily since we have family living on the island and visit often. 

Later, we found out that Lola was living her foster life at the house that used to be owned by my boyfriend's grandparents. Obviously, we took this as a sign that the only choice was to adopt Lola. They ended up flying Lola to Dallas and we went to pick her up at the airport. It was love at first sight!"

woman and dog sitting on paddle board
Dog sitting on dock and looking up. Wearing Fable pets leash and collar

How do you like to spend your time together?

"We love exploring new places with Lola. Whether it is around the Dallas area or going on roadtrips with her. So far, Lola has traveled with us to Indiana, where my mom lives, and Puerto Rico to spend Christmas time. We love going to restaurants, parks, and shopping. 

Lola also loves sleeping and cuddling so we definitely love spending time in the house."

"Even before adopting Lola, I was already familiar with the Fable brand and knew that it would be a great product for my future dog."

portrait of woman with dog on her lap

We design gear that solves problems for you and your pet, so the two of you can enjoy exploring the world together. What brought you to Fable?

"We were looking for a high quality product that looked appealing while also being comfortable for Lola. Even before adopting Lola, I was already familiar with the Fable brand and knew that it would be a great product for my future dog.

We got the signature collar and the signature leash. We wanted our dog to have a stylish walking set that would also be high quality. We loved the color and also that it would be very easy to clean."

dog sitting on a dock next to a man

You've got a Fable gift card coming you way! What gear are you most excited to add to your routine next?

"We're getting the magic leash, the waste bag holder and the falcon toy. Lola, my boyfriend and I have loved all the products so far and it has met all of our expectations."

Every product we have is custom developed and designed by our team. We're always working to develop gear that will let you and your pet spend less time worrying, and more time together. What's a product you desperately want to have, but can't seem to find anywhere?

"A dog translator so I can understand what my dog is saying." Us too Claudia...us too.

dog wearing sunglasses
dog sitting in the woods wearing a jacket

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