Fable x The Ally Coalition

Fable x The Ally Coalition

In honor of Pride Month, the Fable Pets team is excited to announce the launch of our partnership with The Ally Coalition, supporting LGBTQ+ pet parents across the country. The Ally Coalition, founded by Jack Antonoff and Rachel Antonoff, provides critical support for grassroots non-profit organizations dedicated to bettering the lives of LGBTQ+ youth. With their help, Fable will be donating essential pet supplies to a new organization each month, through the end of 2023. 

Our mission at Fable is to design gear that solves problems for you and your pet, so the two of you can enjoy exploring the world together. We’ve all felt the unconditional love and supportive impact that pet ownership can have, but for those in need, it may at times feel burdensome. As an LGBTQ+ owned brand, we firmly believe that all pet parents deserve access to quality, safe pet products, so Fable is making a commitment to helping support pets and pet parents, particularly those experiencing homelessness. 

How to Get Involved

To celebrate Pride Month with our community, we’re inviting you to support our mission. From 6/16-6/30 for every Fable Falcon Toy ($23) purchased, we will be donating one to a pet parent in need. The Falcon Toy promotes enrichment through interactive or independent play with two treat cavities. The interlocking shape allows you to link multiple Falcons together for feeding, tugging, treating, and rolling.

Founded in 2013 by Jack Antonoff (Bleachers) and fashion designer Rachel Antonoff, TAC is committed to bettering the lives of LGBTQ youth through tours, social media campaigns and collaborative partnerships, providing meaningful support to organizations serving LGBTQ Youth. 

With TAC’s unique connection to the entertainment industry, the artists they partner with use their platforms to raise awareness of the systemic inequalities facing the LGBTQ population and activate prominent members of the creative community and their fan bases to engage with these issues in meaningful and impactful ways.

Image from TAC

Help us in the fight for equality for LGBTQ youth. Your support goes directly to LGBTQ organizations directly serving youth in their communities.